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Save the climate – tonne by tonne!

The idea behind TheCompensators*

TheCompensators*If you want to protect the climate you should avoid emitting climate gases such as CO2. But this is simply not enough! That is why you can buy and delete emissions certificates from the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) through TheCompensators*.
In so doing, you will reduce the amount of CO2 which can be emitted by European industries, you will protect the environment and ensure that the development of climate-friendly technologies is accelerated.

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It’s really easy to compensate your emissions. Just decide how many tonnes of CO2 you would like to delete and make an according donation to TheCompensators*. We will buy pollution rights and delete them forever.

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Gift certificates

Are you looking for a gift? Then give something meaningful – climate protection!

We want you!

TheCompensators* are looking for dedicated volunteers who would enjoy getting involved with us. Read more!

It makes a difference!

With TheCompensators* you can make a difference! That has been confirmed by the indipendent consulting firm Phineo. Their finding: With TheCompensators* everyone can compensate easily and support a better climate protection. Discover more!.

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(Deutsch) 319 Tonnen CO2 aus dem ETS „geschubst“

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GEO talks about us!

Scientific magazine GEO mentions us in an article about how everybody can contribute to climate protection! Read about our

TheCompensators* turn 10!

Celebrating our ten year anniversary, we have ten special facts about TheCompensators* for you! 1. In the last ten years we have deleted 15.267 tons of CO2! 2. Joining TheCompensators* keeps the air fresh and raises the spirits 🙂 3. Phineo recommends us: We make a difference! 4. We are not like most organisations that […]

A fixed price for the ETS

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