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105 pollution rights from Silent Climate Parade deleted

Compensate!As we have told you earlier, thanks to your support we have collected donations to delete 105 tonnes of CO2 at the Silent Climate Parade.

This is what we have done now: We have deleted emissions certificates for 105 tonnes of polluting CO2 from our emissions trading account.

For details, please see our ETS account statement.

Finally again able to delete emissions rights

Compensate!Due to changes in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, for too much time we have not been able to delete pollution rights from our account. (Of course, we had always kept them in the account, which is to the market as if they had been deleted – however we love the act of symbolically deleting them!)

Now finally we have fully restored our access to the account and have been able to delete in two steps respectively 300 and 500 emissions certificates from the ETS!

To see the confirmation, please have a look at the screen shot of our account statement!

Our Concept: What TheCompensators* do and how we want to achieve our goals

TheCompensators*What exactly do TheCompensators* do? Why? How are they organized? How do they work? What are the expectations for the future of the organization?

During an intensive weekend meeting, we asked ourselves these questions again – because we believe that the work of an association such as ours must always be questioned over and over again! The result we came up with is a detailed concept paper, in which we answer all of the questions given above.

Since the creation of TheCompensators* in 2006, we have fought to reduce carbon emissions in Europe and thus prevent climate change. Since our beginnings, we have found more and more people who want to become members or that would like to support us with donations.

One reason for such strong support is not only because we have clear values ​​and a clear vision, but also because we try to be as transparent as possible.

And that is why everyone can read our concept paper.

Have we been able to convince you with our work? Then start compensating for your emissions!

Yearly Report 2011

Please read our official yearly report 2011 (in German only).

Compensate and pay less: pollution rights become tax-free for us!

It is now cheaper to compensate your emissions! TheCompensators* do not have to pay anymore VAT on the pollution rights they are buying and deleting. We have received these good news from our tax office.

The reason is that there has been a recent change to emissions trading. Until now our broker had to pay VAT for emissions certificates. This is why we always had to add the taxes on the current emissions price. From now on, it is up to the buyer of EUAs to pay VAT – hence theoretically us. But as we are a non-profit organisation, we are exempt from paying the tax!

In a few words: We have got to pay around 20% less for emissions rights! Thus, compensating is becoming a lot less expensive for everyone of you. This does also mean that spending the same amount of money we can take away a lot more emissions rights from industry.

Due to this change in legislation we also have got more money left to delete pollution rights. As for a long time it was not clear if we had to pay VAT, we had always put aside money to pay the taxes. Now we can now use this amount to buy and delete more EUAs!

Compensate your emissions now!

You have been good: Less carbon for Christmas!

In 2011, TheCompensators* once again offered their members and supporters the opportunity to offer climate protection as a present. This initiative was welcomed by many of you and TheCompensators* were able to delete emissions certificates worth 30 tonnes of CO2. Have a look at the confirmation of transaction.

Many thanks and a happy and low carbon 2012!


Financial statement 2010

Please read our official financial statement 2010 (in German only).

Financial statement 2009

Please read our official financial statement 2009 (in German only).

Yearly report 2010

Please read our official yearly report 2010 (in German only).

Yearly report 2009

Please read our official yearly report 2009 (in German only).

Purchase and cancellation of 287 EUAs to reach the 350 goal!

Our contribution to go back to 350ppm on the 350 Climate Action Day, October 24th, 2009.

We can report that, with your help during our recent actions, we have  been able to purchase and today delete 287 EUAs, which bring us to the total amount of 350 EUAs deleted since this Summer. Please have a look at the transaction Transaction voucher DE-83615 here.

63 EUAs deleted

TheCompensators* have just deleted 63 EUAs

Please have a look at our transaction list which documents the 1891 EUAs we have deleted so far!

Financial statement 2008

Please read our official financial statement 2008 (in German only).

Yearly report 2008

Please read our official yearly report 2008 (in German only).

Finally: purchase and cancellation of 215 EUAs

We can report that we have finally, after a long wait, been able to purchase and delete 215 EUAs as of today. The register now provides data export, so please have a look at our transaction list (including the ones from 2007) here.

Yearly Report 2007

Download our 2007 yearly report (in German) here.

booking voucher 2007-04

booking voucher 2007-04 can be downloaded here

booking voucher 2007-03

booking voucher 2007/01- 2007/03 can be downloaded here

financial statement 1-2006

Download our first financial stament (2006/10-2006/12) here.

financial statement 1-2007

download the financial statement 1-2007 (01/2007-06/2007) here.

Yearly Report 2006

Download our first yearly report (in German) here.