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PlanetHelp: Donate while you shop

You can even support TheCompensators* and compensate your emissions while you are shopping!

The short version

1. Click on this link to open the PlanetHelp website (in German).

2. Choose your favourite web shop.

3. Choose to support TheCompensators*.

4. Go shopping without spending a cent more!

Oh, and do not forget to bookmark this site to always start shopping here!


The long version

Your washing machine needs replacing? You need to buy a gift for a loved one? You can now support TheCompensators* while you do your online shopping.

TheCompensators* are a member of PlanetHelp, an organisation which helps collect donations through online shopping. In other words, you can make a contribution to our work while shopping on the internet – without paying more!

You will pay exactly the same price as everyone else and we will then receive a certain percentage of the money you spent.

There is a whole host of vendors who have agreed to join PlanetHelp, so there will definitely be something there for you – there are currently over 600 shops in 25 categories available on PlanetHelp

Start shopping now and compensate your emissions!

(Please note that this is a German language website!)