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Deleting 500 tonnes in support of Progressive Policies

In connection with the upcoming COP18 conference and the holiday
season, TheCompensators* will delete 500 tonnes of CO2 as a political statement for progressive policies. More on our Christmas actions will follow soon!

Doha COP18
Today, delegates from 194 nations, 7,000 representatives of
non-governmental organizations, and more than 1,500 members of the
global and regional media will meet for the 2012 round of the UN
Climate Change Conference, in Doha, Qatar. The 18th session of the
Conference of the Parties (better known as COP18), starts on November
26 and end on December 7. COP18 will discuss on one of the most
critical issues of our time faced by all 7 billion people in the
world: climate change.

Climate change’s impacts are already being felt across the globe
through increasing temperatures, droughts, wildfires and sea level
rise. Further, extreme weather events such as the recent Hurricane
Sandy should serve as a reminder that catastrophes will be seen more
often if action is not taken. At the conference in Doha, officials
will need to resolve the future of the Kyoto Protocol, finalize the
rules of past decisions and come to an international climate
agreement by 2015.

At the UNFCCC conference in Cancun, two years ago, negotiators and
policy makers agreed that the world should limit its global average
temperature rise to 2 degrees Celsius. Scientists and scholars
however, have recently stated that, the world is currently not on
track with this goal and that we are currently a long way off. The
progress made in Cancun has yet to be seen. The COP18 has a lot of
goals, but due to the lagging performance in recent years, it has low
expectations from the public and media.

TheCompensators* believe that deterring climate change is urgent. We
strongly urge policy makers at the COP18, to finally make a
comprehensive, legally binding climate protection agreement for the
time after 2012 that ensures global warming will stay well below 2
degrees Celsius. Lastly, we have high expectations for the conference
and by deleting 500 tonnes of CO2, we are showing our support for
better policies.

Make sure to compensate your emissions!


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