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Momentary Pause on Aviation Emissions Law

Connie Hedegaard, EU Climate Commissioner stated on a recent press conference that plans have been put on hold to make international airlines pay for their carbon emissions. Plans will be on hold to allow the UN airlines body enough time to devise an alternative global scheme and until the next International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) meeting takes place next autumn 2013.

“In order to create a positive atmosphere, I have just recommended that the EU stops the clock when it comes to enforcement of aviation into the Emissions Trading System (ETS) to and from non-European countries,” stated Hedegaard.  However, Hedegaard emphasized that the suspension would only last one year.

Non Compliant States

Heedegard, as well as other EU countries have mentioned an interest in applying a global ETS system for airlines. For instance, EU states have been preparing to take enforcement measures against non-compliant airlines from China and India to begin surrendering carbon allowances. However, this is rather difficult to achieve especially with countries like the US which in September of 2012 passed a bill exempting US airlines from participating in the EU ETS.

Tim Johnson, director of the Aviation Environment Federation in London stated that it would be tough for the EU to reject a scheme that emerged from the ICAO process. He admitted that emissions reductions would be larger under a weaker global scheme, than in a more stringent Europe-only system.

To find out more, read the full article on Eur Activ.

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