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TheCompensators*: Breaking the Walls of Climate Change

Berlin, Germany,
On November 6th, Florian, member of TheCompensators*, held a presentation named Breaking the Walls of Industrial Pollution for the prestigious Falling Walls Lab. Florian talked about the TheCompensators* grassroots approach of using the ETS to pursue a breakthrough in climate policy.

The Falling Walls Lab offers the opportunity for academics and professionals to present their outstanding ideas, research projects and initiatives in 3 a minute presentation.

Key statements from the TheCompensators* presentation:

  • “In only two years the surplus of emission certificates has increased fourfold which has halved the price of emission rights to 7€ per ton”. The current price is not enough to increase investment in clean technologies and therefore, will not help enough the European Union reach the target of reducing Greenhouse gas emissions of 80% by 2050.
  • However, TheCompensators* offers a platform to help modify this system. By buying these emissions through TheCompensators*, emission allowances are deleted and are never to be used. Thanks to TheCompensators* not only firms or politicians are able to change the current climate policy, but also the common citizen.

Be and active citizen and help modify the current climate policy by compensating emissions and click here!


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