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Europe, on track to achieve 100% renewable energy in 2050

A recent report by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), based on analysis made by the Dutch consultancy Ecofys, stated that Europe is on track to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050 given that the bloc signs up to achieve ambitious energy policy goals. The report acknowledged that the goal is realistic although, it would require big improvements in energy efficiency, coupled with greater developments in wind, solar and green transport fuel technologies.

The report could not be published at a better time, as talks will begin today in Brussels to replace the existing 2020 goals to focus on goals for the year 2030. The report found that to make this goal a reality, targets for 2030 should include energy savings of at least 38% compared with business as usual levels, 40% of fuel should come from renewable sources and carbon emissions should be reduced by 50%.

An assesment published on 2011 by the European Commission stated that Europe is on track to reach and even overshoot its CO2 emissions target by 0.9%, and to meet its renewable energy target. EU states have committed that by 2020 they would cut carbon emissions by 20%, increase the share of renewables in their energy mixes to 20%, and improve their energy efficiency by 20%. However, the existing efficiency target is the only non-binding target of the 2020 goals and has proved very hard to meet by all sides. This is the only target that according to estimations will not be achieved.

According to the assessment, countries with high biomass usage such as Sweden, Estonia and Romania have almost reached the 20% target while Britain, Malta and the Netherlands will need to make greater efforts to accomplish the goal. Italy and Lithuania, the assessment added, will only do so with the help of cooperation mechanisms.

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