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New emissions price – delete more with the same amount

Compensate!The European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is still in a terrible state: pollution rights are far too cheap! To work properly and help to fight against climate change, the price for emitting one tonne of carbon dioxide (CO2) should be around 30 euros. Instead, the current price is as low as 4,50 Euro.

There is only one advantage of the situation: it is cheaper than ever to delete pollutions rights! TheCompensators* have been shopping again – with the help of your donations and member fees we have bought 1300 emissions certificates for 4,58 per tonne of CO2.

As always, this also defines the price for deleting pollutions rights with TheCompensators*. We add 10 percent to the price we paid to cover all our expenses. Therefore the price for deleting one tonne of CO2 with a donation to TheCompensators* will be 5,04 Euro until our next purchase.

And now hurry up to delete emissions!


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