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EU countries agree on climate targets for 2030

The goal of a CO2-reduction of 35 % of the level of 1990 until 2020 is easily achieved. On Thursday the EU member states discussed this problem in Brussels and agreed on three new targets against climate change until 2030. These targets can be modified when being discussed again at the UN summit in Paris next year, but must not be softened.

1. The EU must reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 40% of the level measured in 1990. Emissions concerning private households, transport and agriculture must be reduced by 30%.

2. Energy efficiency or rather energy savings must rise up to 27% – which is not a binding requirement.

3. The share of renewable energies must rise up to 27%. For Germany that means „at least“, Angela Merkel said in Brussels.

Germany had wished for a higher percentage but diplomacy requires compromise, the German chancellor added. As Germany’s national targets are more strict, the other targets are feasible as well, she told the press. Claude Turmes from the Green party in the EU parliament expressed his disappointment in Angela Merkel, saying she no longer seems to be an active “climate chancellor” but rather a retired one.

Environmental organizations, too, criticized the EU for the results of the summit. Also, the summit failed to deliver a real reform of the ETS, although there are plenty of possibilities to improve the EU ETS. TheCompensators* demand that the improvement of the ETS is put on the agenda. We keep working for a more efficient emissions trading system. You can help us here.


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