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The 350 tonnes action

I will pop on October 24th @12:05 in front of the Brandenburg GateOn Saturday, October 24th, the International Day of Climate Action, a concrete action for climate protection will be taken: TheCompensators* will spare the atmosphere 350 tonnes of CO2.

In a symbolic act, we will burst a balloon filled with emission permits suspended above a stage at the Pariser Platz, in front of the Brandenburg Gate at 12.15. This way 350 tonnes of CO2 will be destroyed with a bang.

The emission permits were purchased and deleted by TheCompensators* using donated funds – the pollution rights will no longer be available to industry.

Be in Pariser Platz on October 24th at 11.30 a.m.: a TV-show, 350 Chancellors, Angels, Devils and the 350 balloon will be waiting for you!

Join the event on facebook and on 350!

Click here to download the flyer in German.

To know more about the 350 Climate Action day, please visit

Spread the word, join us on Saturday, become a member or make a donation, whether 3.50, 35.00, or 350.00, euros, dollars, pounds or pesos, your contribution will help buying 350 (or even more!) EUAs, which we will destroy on Saturday, October 24th.

Any questions or suggestions? Contact us!