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A small step in the right direction: aviation added to European Emissions Trading Scheme

Despite strong protests by the aviation industry, the emissions of all flights landing or taking off in the European Union have tob e compensated in the European Emissions Trading Scheme. Especially American and Chinese airlines tried with all means to prevent this. On 21 December 2011, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that international airlines also need to compensate their flights into and from the EU. American as well as Chinese airlines have already announced that they will fight back against the ECJ’s ruling. Meanwhile, some European airlines have started buying emissions, while the Federation of German Industry both explains and criticises (document in German) the adding of aviation to the ETS.

In light of the fact that large amounts of emission certificates and the fact that they are largely allocated free of charge, TheCompensators* consider this uproar to be unjustified and demand that fewer certificates be handed out as well as that a larger portion of certificates be sold at auction. For 2012, 221,420,279 tonnes of CO2 have been allocated to the aviation industry. Of this amount, 85% will be handed out free of charge in 2012, while 15% will be sold at auction. From 2013 on, 82% will be allocated free of charge, 15% will be auctioned off and 3% will be put aside, for example for new airlines. There are voices who even claim that airlines could make a profit from the ETS.

In sum, the addition of the aviation industry is an important step for the European Emissions Trading Scheme. It remains that too large a portion of the industries’ emissions is free.

This is why TheCompensators* encourage you to continue compensating for the emissions incurred during unavoidable air travel yourselves.


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