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Compensate this upcoming Holiday Season!

The long awaited holiday season is finally coming in a few weeks!

This season is the perfect time to reunite with family and friends. It gives us the opportunity to gather with those we love and those whom we care for. Some of us might even buy presents to show how much others mean to us. If this season, you buy the gifts for your loved ones online, you can also do something for the climate because, TheCompensators* are member of PlanetHelp.

TheCompensators* is a member of PlanetHelp. Through PlanetHelp You too can make a contribution to our work while shopping on the internet – without paying more.

Why choose TheCompensators*?

A common belief is that online shopping is good for the environment, however, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) issued a report in 2010 stating the ‘rebound’ effects of activities that are commonly thought to be green. The report highlights that buying goods online can provide carbon savings; however this is easier said than done. The study found that environmental savings can be achieved if online shopping replaces 3.5 traditional shopping trips, or if 25 orders are delivered at the same time, or, if the distance traveled to where the traditional purchase is made is more than 50km.

Shop online and support TheCompensators*

If you are buying online this holiday season, make sure you compensate for these harmful emissions.

How can you help TheCompensators*?

It is very simple!

1) Click here to see all the shops that support PlanetHelp.

2) Find your favorite shop

3) Choose TheCompensators*

4) Buy presents for your loved ones!

Planet Help facilitates financial support to aid organizations through online shopping. If one buys from one of the partner shops of PlanetHelp, the shop provider pays PlanetHelp advertising and commission fees. The costumer is able to buy online, make a good deed and support aid organization without any extra cost!

You can also directly compensate your emissions by clicking here!


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