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Welcome Carbon Market Watch!

TheCompensators*, would like to welcome Carbon Market Watch as a new NGO working to improve carbon markets! We are particularly enthusiastic for the future possibility to work along with yet another forward-thinking organization.

Carbon Market Watch will monitor the ETS, as well as, other carbon markets around the world. Due to the rapid growth of carbon market initiatives in other countries, Carbon Market Watch was developed to oversee the effectiveness of these new markets and the successes of their policies, as well as, advocate for fair and effective climate protection.

On the day of the organization’s foundation, Director Eva Filzmoser stated, “New Carbon Initiatives are planned and being implemented around the world. They all need Watching.”

New Beginnings
Carbon Market Watch is simply the new name of the previous organization named CDM Watch, an organization set up in 2009 to provide an independent perspective on individual CDM projects and to critically assess the politically decision-making process affecting wider carbon market developments. CDM Watch made a fantastic job by successfully advocating stronger civil participation, policy changes and uncovered unprecedented scandals in the CDM.
Carbon Market Watch will continue covering Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) activities; however, it has expanded its line of work now covering new market mechanisms, the EU-ETS, Joint Implementation (JI), emission trading and mechanisms to reduce emissions from degradation and deforestation (REDD).

Visit the new Carbon Market Watch webpage!

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