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105 CO2 certificates less!


Soundsystem in motion with TheCompensators* Balloon

The Berlin Silent Climate Parade on August 24 was not only fun but also effective. TheCompensators* explained and criticized the European Emission Trading System (ETS) to all visitors to our stand and shared blue balloons with everybody who supported our climate parade campaign. Many did! With the donations collected before and during the demonstration the TheCompensators* could eventually delete 105 CO2 certificates equivalent to 105 tons of CO2 emissions.

The Silent Climate Parade took place for the fifth time. The annual demonstration attracts climate activists but also people who just like to dance to electronic music.

On August 24, the DJs rocked the street for nearly four hours with danceable beats in bright sunshine. The sound was transmitted from a mobile sound system and inaudible without headphones. Pedestrians on Kurfürstendamm, shoppers and tourists who watched the demonstration pass by saw happy people dancing and jumping but could not hear the beats and rhythms.

TheCompensators* were both visible and audible. Our blue balloons with the lable “1 ton CO2 less!” danced with us on the demonstrators’ arms. When we announced the deletion of CO2 allowances, equivalent to 105 tons of CO2 emissions, at least as many balloons burst simultaneously in the silent crowd.



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