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A big hit to ETS transparency

When buying and deleting emissions allowances from the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme, TheCompensators* have always published the ID numbers of these pollutions rights. Recently, we have noticed that it is no longer possible to access the ID numbers.

This is a hard hit to the transparency of the ETS! It affects our work, because TheCompensators* are not able anymore to pass on certificate numbers to donors for their deleted certificates. This means, our donors will not be able to have a trackable proof of their their deleted emissions allowance.

We have contacted the European Commisson’s Directorate General for Climate Action which is accounts for the EU ETS to understand the reasons behind this important change. They have confirmed that the omission of ID numbers in any kind of transaction will be permanent.

The reason for the current change is to improve the security of the ETS and its emission certificates to avoid fraud. TheCompensators* understand that there has been a need for changes in order to improve security.

However we think tIhat it is a blow to transparency. TheCompensators* are strong supporters of the ID system because, in our opinion, it was highly effective as it served to track every single certificate sold and used or deleted permanently.

For TheCompensators* that change means that we will need another way to track our deleted pollution rights. We are therefore, developing a new strategy how to best disclose our purchase and retiring of emissions certificates in order to guarantee complete transparency in our work.

We want to assure our donors and supporters that when they donate to our organization, they are making a positive change in reforming climate policies in Europe. Further, we want to assure them that we are following our commitment of fighting climate change with full transparency.

If you would like to compensate for your emissions and would like to know the numbers of your certificates, please write us an e-mail. As soon as we will have set-up our own tracking system, we will be able to communicate your ID number.


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