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Compensating becomes cheaper again

Compensate!Compensating has become cheaper again! Due to a high overallocation, the prices for pollution rights in the ETS have dropped significantly over the last months.

TheCompensators* have now bought new certificates – and we have paid 4,95 euros per emissions allowance. As always, this price is the basis for “our” price for compensation. We add a premium of 10% for fees and other costs (like our website and our bank account). Thus, the new price for compensation with TheCompensators* from now on is 5.45 euros per tonne of CO2.

The current price for emissions is far too low, a backload of pollution rights as planned by the European Union is more than urgent. However, this price also allows us to retire much more emissions certificates forever. It also makes your donation to TheCompensators* a lot more effective: with the same amount of money, together we are able to compensate for more emissions than ever before!

Compensate your emissions straight away!


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