TheCompensators* » Confirmed: Who Supports TheCompensators*, Makes a Change!

Confirmed: Who Supports TheCompensators*, Makes a Change!

Phineo: It makes a differece!Last year, the work of TheCompensators* was critically scrutinized by the independent research and consulting organisation Phineo.

Today we have made yet another accomplishment: our commitment for the fight against climate change is worth the effort and your donations.

On April 18th Phineo confirmed the effectiveness of our involvement in the European emissions trading with their approval label [link in German].

“With TheCompensators* anyone can buy pollution rights from the emissions trading market. Each deleted certificate helps the air and says: Climate protection needs stricter rules,” stated Phineo analysts.

Phineo, as  a non-profit corporation, pursues the goal of strengthening civic engagement in Germany. The Phineo list of effective initiatives serves businesses and individuals who want to contribute to society, as a guide and source of ideas.

Read more about TheCompensators* and Phineo.

Or compensate your emissions right away and make a difference!


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