TheCompensators* » Lindau’s Energy Team offsets its Carbon Footprint with TheCompensators*

Lindau’s Energy Team offsets its Carbon Footprint with TheCompensators*

Mitglieder des Lindauer Energieteams. Foto: Julia Genth

Members of Lindau’s Energy Team. Foto: Julia Genth

The energy team of the city of Lindau at Lake Constance is committed to climate protection in their city. Now the members have set an example: they have compensated for their entire emissions of 2012.

100.6 tons are the total emissions emitted by the ten members of the energy team. On average, the result per member of the energy team, is less than the average emissions of an average German citizen. Nevertheless, the energy team wanted to make a stand against climate change and attract attention towards their work – which is why every member compensated for their emissions through TheCompensators*.

Deleting emission certificates is not a sale of “indulgences”, emphasised team leader Julia Genth from the Municipal Planning and Building Bureau of Lindau. “Compensation can only occur on the side of saving, however, it does not replace it. Saving energy is and remains the ultimate goal,” she stated.

“Yet for us, each deleted ton of CO2 is a clear signal for climate protection and also for a better trading system. Our energy team has clearly noted that the Emission Trading Scheme is in great need of improvement. If our action causes people to think critically about the trading system, this is also a success for us,” asserted Julia Genth.

Die CO2-Fußabdrücke des Lindauer Energieteams.

CO2 footprint of Lindau’s Energy Team.

Of course, the energy team members wish to have many people to follow their example and to offset their CO2 footprint. “Above all, we would be thrilled if organisations not only calculated their CO2 footprint, but also if they were to compensate as we have done”, stated Roland Summer, member of the energy team and Market Leader for the Municipal Utilities of Lindau.

“At the moment a major problem of emissions trading is the low price for certificates. However, if emissions certificates are deleted to a great extent, the price would rise again, and investments in climate-friendly technologies would be rewarding for firms. In the end, compensating would lead to very concrete improvements for both the environment and the climate”, said Sommer.

Are you convinced? Then compensate for your emissions!


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