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Obama: US will lead climate change efforts

On Tuesday June 25th, President Barack Obama made a historic step forward against climate change when he held a speech at Georgetown University in Washington DC. During his speech, President Obama highlighted that the US must cut carbon emissions in order to protect future generations from the consequences of global warming. Obama has made the greatest step forward to tackle climate change as he presented a five point comprehensive strategy to address climate change.

Five Point Strategy

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), will design rules for curbing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and complete new pollution standards for both new and existing power plants.
  • Promote the development of renewable energy. Department of defense, the greatest energy consumer in the country and other government agencies will also join the cause. End tax breaks for big oil companies.
  • Increase fuel standards for cars and promote less waste. Government institutions will consume less energy and have set the goal of using 20% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2019.
  • Improve the infrastructure of the country to withstand natural disasters. The US will invest to restore clean water delivery system, fortify shorelines and build smarter and resilient infrastructure to protect homes and buildings.
  • Lead international efforts to combat climate change. The US will encourage international organizations to end public financing to new coal plants overseas, encourage free trade on environmental goods and services and push for a new global agreement to reduce carbon emissions.

Reducing emissions from power plants would be the most significant action against climate change as power plants are responsible for a third of the US’s greenhouse gas emissions. “Power plants can still dump limitless carbon pollution into the air for free,” Obama said. “That’s not right, that’s not safe and it needs to stop.”

Concerning Obama’s speech and his plan to tackle climate change, former Vice-President Al Gore commented, “I applaud the new measures announced by President Barack Obama.” “This was a terrific and historic speech, by far the best address on climate by any president ever,” he added.

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