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Results of Wirkcamp 2013

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A few weeks ago, TheCompensators* had the opportunity to participate in the 6th Wirkcamp in Lueneburg, Germany. The Wirkcamp is more than a work camp: it brings together start ups and various organizations with people who are willing to make something happen within a long weekend. During the 3 and 1/2 days, each working group concentrates on a project, from conception to evaluation.

TheCompensators* are proud of their accomplishments during the Wirkcamp. At the camp, we began a pilot project called “Klimaneutrales Einkaufen” (Climate Neutral Shopping).

Our results yielded among many things:

  • The creation of the Climate Neutral Shopping Team
  • The calculation of CO2 emissions for 30 basic products
  • A video informing about climate neutral shopping. (link to our video coming soon)

The reaction to our project was overwhelmingly positive. During the weekend, TheCompensators*, noticed the high interest for a service where shopping could be compensated. With our action, we are proud to say that we compensated the purchase of groceries for an entire week of approximately 95 German individuals.

Please stay tuned to find out more about our newest project.

TheCompensators* would like to send a special thanks to Karsten Mosny, Janis Brucker, Regina Prade, Max Schön, Lea Scheurer, Pia van Ackern, Jana Stienecker, Isabel Karst, Eva Stadler, Liane Schäfer, Anna Sagemüller, Luise Schmidt, Patrice Ziehm, Tobi Rosswog, Kerstin Albrecht and Sina Joppich!

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