TheCompensators* » Silent Protest and a Good Mood against Climate Change

Silent Protest and a Good Mood against Climate Change

TheCompensators* will participate in the Silent Climate Parade 2013!

Silent Climate ParadeClimate change is the single biggest problem of our time – but it is completely silent. That is why together with hundreds of other committed people TheCompensators* will once again participate in the Silent Climate Parade in Berlin!

The message is simple: we demonstrate because our biggest problem, climate change, is still unsolved. We dance because we stand for a more sustainable future that can still be fun. On August 24th, the fifth Silent Climate Parade will show once again in Berlin that a sustainable life style can be fun: Equipped with headphones dancers will move their bodies in the heart of West Berlin from 2p.m. and 5.p.m. and celebrate a good climate.

As in the last years, TheCompensators* will be part of the event. And all our friends are more than welcome to join in, to dance and demonstrate with us, and to participate in our Climate Parade Special:

All donations we receive between July 24 and August 24, 2013 will be added to a package of CO2 allowances that we will destroy during the parade.

How big this package will be and how great the fun, depends on you. So, please donate and come and dance with us!


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