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So much to do…

TheCompensators*TheCompensators* are a non-profit organisation – and we are all unpaid volunteers That’s why you can be sure that we are committed with our heart and soul, and that we are not interested in earning any money with TheCompensators*.

But there is also a disadvantage of working with volunteers only: Everything we do, we do it during our free time. And we do not always have a lot of it. That is what’s happening right now, and that is also the reason why you won’t find a lot of activity on our website for some weeks.

However we will continue our work! And you can be sure that we will use all the donations we receive to delete pollution rights. As soon as we will find some more spare time, we will start other new action

If you would like to get engaged with TheCompensators*: We are always looking for new volunteers!


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