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TheCompensators* gain their first member company

TheCompensators* have gained for the first time a company as a supporter! We would like to give a cordial welcome to the publishing house Monsenstein & Vannerdat as a new member and supporter of TheCompensators* e.V. The publishing company is compensating for their entire annual emissions through us.

So far, only private individuals had opted for a membership with TheCompensators*. Yet, according to our statute our membership is also available to so called legal persons such as companies or other associations. We are very pleased that through our actions and campaigns, we have been able to successfully convince a company of joining us.

“In the fight against climate change, the commitment of every
individual is very important. Companies, in particular, can set a good
example in this area,” says the chairman of TheCompensators*,
Antonella Battaglini. “By compensating through the European Emissions
Trading Scheme (EU ETS), we recognize it as the main tool of the EU in
the fight against climate change. We support the system and ensure
through compensation that the system can be highly effective.”

“The publishing company Monsenstein & Vannerdat has already done much to
reduce its greenhouse emissions. It is only logical to compensate for
the entirety of its emissions, so as to be carbon neutral,” says
Florian Zickfeld, Vice Chairman of TheCompensators*. “Monsenstein & Vannerdat is
symbol for what a company can do for effective climate policy.” The company, for example, uses almost exclusively FSC-certified paper from sustainable forests,
and transports all its books in a CO2 neutral fashion. Further, the
company uses only electricity produced from renewable sources and uses
low-carbon emission heating.

Prior to their decision of working with TheCompensators*, the
publishing house Monsenstein & Vannerdat researched the various
options for compensation, says Johannes Monse, publishing director at
Monsenstein & Vannerdat. Finally, the company decided that it was
best to work alongside TheCompensators*.

“We found various compensation methods from reputable vendors that
were rather convincing, however, TheCompensators* work voluntarily,”
says Johannes Monse. “We like this aspect because it greatly increases
their credibility.”

The management of the publishing house also appreciated the fact
that the TheCompensators* was founded by scientists that deal
with climate impact research. “From this, we concluded that it was
ideal to support the institution that has the clearest expertise,”
Monse stated.

The publishing director praises the fact that TheCompensators* “delete
certificates and do not finance projects.” “Through this method, we
have a very direct reference to the changes made through our
compensation. With a funded project it is never clear what percentage
of the donation is going directly towards the cause and how much stays
within the organization.”

If you also like our organization, you too can compensate for your emissions through us!


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