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TheCompensators* featured on Deutschlandfunk

Today at 11:41 am, Deutschlandfunk has broadcast a report on TheCompensators*. In an interview Giulia Carboni and Florian Oel described our organization and talked about our committment in reducing CO2 emissions in Europe through the ETS system.

Giulia and Florian emphasized the idea of compensation and highlighted its importance. Each citizen in Germany emits 11 tonnes of CO2 per year. With this figure in mind, everyone should be conscious enough to pay for his or her CO2 emissions, remarked Florian.

Through donations, TheCompensators* are able to buy emission allowances. By purchasing and subsequently deleting CO2 allowances, TheCompensators* have been able to delete a total of 5,000 tonnes of CO2, which equals the CO2 emitted by 400 German citizens in one year. However, this is not enough as there is still a surplus of allowances in the system.

Concerning the new backloading reform proposed yesterdays in Brussels, meant to heal this very oversupply of allowances, both were in hopes of a stronger reform. The revised ETS reform is weaker that the first proposal, as the amendments have watered it down, stated the team.

If you would like to support our organization and compensate for your emissions, click here!


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