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Transparency with a CO2 price tag

Apples from Australia, wine from South Africa and beef originated from Argentina in open refrigerated shelves – this indicates a bad CO2 balance. And from this we do not know any details. The environmental costs of supermarket products remain in the dark. Environmentally conscious consumers need such information to make better choices.

We want to change this! Therefore we will take part at the Lüneburg 2013 Wirk Camp and are hoping for your support. In our group, we want to develop a new project: the CO2 price tag.

We want to develop a second price tag system that will include everyday shopping items such as food or drug products intended to reflect the CO2 balance starting from the production facility all the way to the supermarket shelf – and make the environmental costs affordable. We will reflect together on how exactly this idea is easiest to put into practice.

Are you interested in the project? Then take a look at the website of the Wirk Camp – and sign up! (only in German)


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