TheCompensators* » No junk for Christmas – but climate protection

No junk for Christmas – but climate protection

Axel und Liudmila Schleicher

Axel and Liudmila Schleicher

Already for the second time, the German company Schleicher Blechbearbeitung GmbH gives something very efficient to their customers for Christmas: deleted emissions certificates!

For company owner Axel Schleicher, buying emissions certificates off the market is the best way to contribute individually to the fight against climate change. In a letter to his customers he addresses the issue: “How much CO2 can you avoid by using energy saving lamps or installing a photovoltaic system on your roof? Unfortunately: None at all.”

This sad fact is inherent to the emissions trading scheme, he explains: the number of granted certificates exceeds the amount of actual CO2 emissions. “The amount of CO2 that you ‘save’ is not gone, your power plant operator just does not need anymore the corresponding rights to pollute and thus will sell it to somebody else who will use it eventually. TheCompensators, a non profit organisation from Berlin, instead buy and delete certificates. This amount of CO2 cannot be emitted anymore.”

TheCompensators* could not explain it in a better way! We are very happy about the generous donation and are also delighted to announce a new member – as of now the Schleicher Blechbearbeitung GmbH supports us beyond Christmas. Because it’s always CO2 compensation season.


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