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Set off your donation more easily against your taxes

TheCompensators*Donors and members of TheCompensators* have always been able to set off their donations and membership fees against their taxes (when paying taxes in Germany). That is because we are a registered non-profit organisation. And it means that the German state pays up to nearly half of your donations!

So far, we have always sent you a personalised donation receipt in the first months of every year. As more and more people are supporting our work, sending these documents has taken more and more of our time. Therefore, we are now simplifying things.

For smaller donations German tax law allows simplified donation certificates: if you want to set off your donation of up to 200 euros, it is enough to send your bank statement together with this document to the tax office.

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  1. peter says:

    Ich möchte Infos, was ich tun muß um CO2-Certifikate zu kaufen/ bei Euch zu kaufen.
    Gruß, Peter.

  2. Florian says:

    Hallo Peter, um Verschmutzungsrechte über TheCompensators* zu löschen, reicht eine Spende an den Verein:

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