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Confirmed: TheCompensators* make a difference!

Phineo: It makes a differece!TheCompensators* make a difference! The independent non-profit consulting organisation Phineo came to this conclusion once we presented our concept and showed proof of our climate policy activities.

“With TheCompensators* anyone can buy pollution rights from the emissions trading market. Each deleted certificate helps the air and says: Climate protection needs stricter rules,” stated Phineo analysts. Read more about why you should support TheCompensators* on our Phineo page!

The Phineo approval label is meant to show which non-profit organisations Phineo recommends, which have the potential to make a real difference, for instance by contributing to sustainable development.

In the resulting list one can find concrete projects, such as by supporting our organisation by helping us purchase certificates. But with Phineo, TheCompensators* think big and advertise for sponsors who are interested in supporting projects or even volunteers to support our work to make it even more effective.

In addition to such new perspectives, TheCompensators* have already benefited from the constructive and critical quality control of Phineo. The criteria of the analysis led by Phineo were co-developed by climate experts from the European Climate Foundation, the Mercator Foundation, the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, and the Council for Sustainable Development.

As part of the selection process Phineo had our concept, our transparency and the potential for development critically scrutinised and through the whole process TheCompensators* were involved in a constructive way. The positive result of the analysis is known, yet the process is far from complete. We look forward to your involvement with us!

As a non-profit corporation Phineo pursues the goal of strengthening civic engagement in Germany. The Phineo list of effective initiatives serves businesses and individuals who want to contribute to society, as a guide and source of ideas.

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