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Become a member

Individual membership

The monthly fee for Individuals should be equivalent to be the value of one emission allowance (spot price), minimum 10.00 euros. There is no admission fee. If not indicated otherwise by the new member, the fee is calculated according to the spot price on the day of the application to TheCompensators*.

Business membership

Legal entities can also become members.

The monthly membership fee for legal entities should be equivalent to the value of ten emissions allowances, minimum €100.00. There is also a one-time admission fee for legal entities that should be equivalent to 100 emissions allowances (spot price), minimum €250.

How to become a member

In order to become a member, please download the membership application. Please send it to via fax or by normal post.

TheCompensators* e.V.
Haydnstrasse 1
12203 Berlin
Fax: +49-32-121 200 874


The fees are calculated according to the spot price on the day of the application to TheCompensators*.

The value of emissions allowances is that of the date of the application. You can check the current value of emission allowances here. All member fees are to be paid either at the beginning of the quarter, or annually by 30 June of each year. We prefer payment for one year in advance. This enables us to purchase emission allowances at the current price.

The member fee can be reduced by 50% per person if more than one person of a family are members of the association.

The membership fee for individuals and companies with residence in a country neither listed in Annex I nor Annex II of the UNFCCC can be reduced up to 50% upon request. If you wish to become a member, but cannot afford the membership fee at the moment, please get in touch with us!

The executive board has the right to refuse memberships to individuals or legal bodies. Membership fees are only due after formal confirmation of the membership.

Member fees are used solely for purposes indicated by the statutes (in German).

Donation receipt

Do you need a donation receipt for the German tax office? Read more here.