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Carbon Counter

Compensate!TheCompensators* use nearly all funds received from donors and members to buy and delete emissions allowances from the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

So far, we have been able to purchase a total of

18,271 tonnes of CO2 (*)

in order to irrevocably retire these pollution rights from the market. That means that European industries will not be able to emit these emissions anymore once these permits are retired.

We need your help!

Our carbon counter is supposed to illustrate in the future, how many pollution rights we have already purchased and deleted, at which point in time, how many people have contributed to our success and how deleting these permits will help our planet. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of work must be done. For all this to occur, we still need some time.

If you want to help us to complete this piece of work, please contact us!

(*) Please note: This number will not be updated with each donation we receive, but each time we purchase and delete new pollution rights.