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Climate-neutral shopping

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Climate-neutral shopping with the CO2 price tag

Your climate bill

On average, every EU citizen emits 7.5 tonnes of CO2 per year. In Germany it is even 11.1 tonnes of CO2. Of this figure, 1.35 tonnes of CO2 are emitted with the purchase of groceries!

The problem is: all that this information is not transparent, environmentally conscious decisions are therefore difficult. Do you want, however, to do something for the environment and shop climate neutral?

We want to help you!

Therefore, we developed a CO2 price tag. Through our price tag, we ensure transparency and help climate-conscious people make the right decisions.

Every product with a CO2 price tag receives an additional CO2 price: We show the CO2 footprint of the product – and suggest what the emission of the product would cost.

This cost is minimal. With just a few cents purchasing groceries can be carbon neutral!

Want to know the whole story? Have a look at the great video the participants of the wirkcamp have done in just two days!



Are you interested in climate-neutral shopping? We would like to keep you up to date!