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Examples of Emissions

From our point of view it makes most sense to compensate all the emissions which are emitted throughout the entire year – because this way everyone can make a truly significant contribution to the protection of the environment. The average per head CO2 emissions in Germany are around 10-11 tonnes per year. Here you will find more data on CO2 emissions.

If (for now) you would only like to compensate the emissions of a certain activity, for example of a flight or a certain part of your everyday life, you will find some indication of how much you should donate.*

Berlin-New York, return flight, economy class: 3.87 tonnes of CO2
Hamburg-Munich, return flight, economy class: 0.32 tonnes of CO2
Frankfurt am Main-Alicante, return flight, economy class: 0.85 tonnes of CO2


Hamburg-Munich, return flights:  0.07 tonnes of CO2
Leipzig-Cologne , return flights: 0.05 tonnes of CO2
Stuttgart-Paris, return flights: 0.01 tonnes of CO2


Toyota Prius Hybrid, emissions per 1000 kilometres: 0.092 tonnes of CO2
Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI BlueMotion, emissions per 1000 kilometres: 0.099 tonnes of CO2
Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI BlueEfficiency, emissions per 1000 kilometres: 1.17 tonnes of CO2

Lighting of a residential building: 0.135 tonnes of CO2 p.a.
Use of a mobile phone: 0.112 tonnes of CO2 p.a.
Television set: 0.025 tonnes of CO2 p.a.


Meat-heavy: 6.7 tonnes of CO2 p.a.
Vegetarian: 1.22 tonnes of CO2 p.a.
Vegan: 0.19 tonnes of CO2 p.a.


Catching one tonne of high seas tuna: 3.230 tonnes of CO2
Production of one tonne of wheat flour: 0.490 tonnes of CO2
Production of one tonne of sugar: 0.730 tonnes of CO2
Methane emissions of a dairy cow (per year): 3.505 tonnes of CO2
Methane emissions of a pig (per year): 0.230 tonnes of CO2


Production of 3,500 kW/h of electricity (average annual consumption per household): 3.675 tonnes of CO2
Burning of one tonne of crude oil: 3.065 tonnes of CO2
Production and disposal of one tone of plastic foil: 6.480 tonnes of CO2


You can of course also make a detailed calculation of your CO2 emissions.



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* Source: Emissions calculator of the German Federal Environmental Agency, Atlas of Globalisation 2009