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How much to give

ETS pollution rights are traded in units of one tonne of CO2. The current price to delete one tonne with TheCompensators is 5.79 Euros. It is based on what TheCompensators* had to pay for the emissions certificates at their previous purchase and includes a premium of 10% for taxes, fees and other costs.

By the way, German tax payers can get a Spendenbescheinigung in order to get back taxes!

In our opinion it is the most reasonable option to compensate all emissions one produces throughout the year. By doing this one makes a really significant contribution to climate protection. The average emissions ttof a German amount to 10-11 tonnes of CO2 per year. Learn more about emission levels here.

If you should prefer to compensate the emissions for a defined activity such as a flight, a trip by train or car, or for certain aspects of you life, please find here indications on how much to give.

Or calculate your emissions in detail
using an emissions calculator.

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