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3 How TheCompensators* use the ETS

Your donation

By donating to TheCompensators* you can compensate for either all or part of your CO2  emissions (e.g. air travel).

By donating to TheCompensators* you incorporate these emissions into the EU cap on CO2 emissions.

Therefore, your donation is a “grass roots” way of making the EU Emission Trading Scheme more comprehensive and thereby more effective.

The current price of one EUA depends on what TheCompensators* had to pay for it at their previous purchase and includes a premium of 10% for trading fees and other costs (e.g. our bank account, our website etc.).

You can make a donation by bank transfer or online payment through Paypal or Clickandbuy, the most cost efficient way being bank transfer (no fees apply).


TheCompensators* are a certified non-profit organisation with no cost for personnel or rent since all of us are volunteers.

TheCompensators* seek to maximize the number of EUAs bought from the donations.

Therefore, the donations are pooled and EUAs bought in larger quantities in order to pay fewer trading fees.

The trader

EUAs must be bought for TheCompensators* by a licensed trader who earns a trading fee per transaction

The trader buys the EUAs for us using the donated money and then transfers the EUAs to the emissions trading account of TheCompensators* (DE-121-2092-0).

The market

EUAs are traded e.g. at the European Energy Exchange (EEX) in Leipzig. The certificates are traded at a spot market, in daily auctions and at a future market.

In 2010 about 154 million EUAs were traded at EEX at prices between €13 and €18. The EEX receives €0.05 for each certificate it trades at the spot market.

The trader buys the EUAs for TheCompensators* by placing the order in the online trading system; when his request is matching an offer, the certificates (which have unique identification numbers) are subtracted from the seller’s account and transferred to the broker’s account.

After that, the EUAs are transferred to the EUA account of TheCompensators* at the German ETS registry (“Deutsche Emissionshandelsstelle”).

Once an EUA is on TheCompensators* account, it does not ever enter the market again.

The deletion

The emission trading account is much like an online banking account, except that it has a button to delete permanently and irreversibly the EUAs which are held on it.

The account of TheCompensators* contains a stock of certificates which have not yet been matched with a donation.

The stock is replenished every time TheCompensators* order EUAs from their trader using the pooled donations.

The certificate number you receive for your donation (if it was enough to pay for a whole certificate) comes from this stock and the certificate is then erased from the account.

Every certificate number is matched with exactly one donation – no double counting!