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Our members: Schleicher Blechbearbeitung

SchleicherSchleicher Blechbearbeitung GmbH is a contract manufacturer that produces components and groups of components made of steal, stainless steal as well as aluminium.

As it is the case for many suppliers of the machine building industry and other export-oriented companies, many clients are located in countries all over the world – and in many countries, where people already feel the consequences of climate change. By compensating climate-damaging emissions, the company therefore wants to contribute to climate protection.

That is why the company has become a member of TheCompensators*, thus supporting us all year long.

Axel und Liudmila Schleicher

Axel and Liudmila Schleicher

In addition, company owner Axel Schleicher had the idea to give a special Christmas present to his clients. Already for the second year in a row, he sent them sweet boxes containing gift certificates which represent deleted pollution rights for one tonne of CO2 each. By doing so, Mr Schleicher helps to lower the emissions of the EU’s industry sector, and he also helps to advance climate protection.

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